iConcrete – Concrete Production Automation System

iConcrete is the new industrial Automation for Concrete production, Cement Products & Ready Mix Industries. iConcrete is based on new iOlabs innovative processing techniques like LEMS (Less Electronics More Stability), ATS (Auto Tuning System) , SCS (Self Care System)  and supports any new technology ethernet Controllers which provide reliability, speed and accuracy to the system. iConcrete comes with a new modern Animated design, an easy friendly environment which provides a more sophisticated and clear view to its operator about all machinery operations.


Designed with multiple layer technology, iConcrete adapts to any Batching, Concrete, Cement Product, Ready Mix Plant.  Using sophisticated techniques and innovated methods of sampling plant data, iConcrete manages to achieve maximum reliability, accuracy and speed during production.


iConcrete takes advantage of latest Analyzing & Design & Developing technologies like Microsoft .Net , SQL Server and supports any new technology ethernet controllers-PLCs that boost software and machinery performance, reliability and stability.


iConcrete involves new iOlabs techniques like AUTO TUNNING and SELF CARE that are used for the first time on a Concrete Automation Industry and transform iConcrete to a really amazing system.

iConcrete Trailer

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iConcrete Presentation

Explore the new features provided by iConcrete by watching the Product Presentation!


iOlabs has created the one fully adaptable Batching Plant, Concrete, Cement Products, Ready Mix Automation System, which is fully parameterized and supports any type of Machinery.


iConcrete uses elegant Animated Graphics and provides a complete view of the Machinery parts (Mixer, Scales, Storages Belts, AmperMeters, VoltMeters, etc) so operator can have the “Big Picture” and control of his industrial plant.


Using sophisticated automation techniques and innovative sampling & filtering methods, iConcrete manages to achieve maximum accuracy and speed during production.


iConcrete is compliant with all International  & EU Concrete Compliance Standards.


iConcrete is the only automation system which during operation checks and corrects system settings to optimize speed and accuracy depending on the behavior of the machine and materials.


iConcrete automatically takes care to inform operator and proceed to any scheduled maintenance job defined by the operator.


Machinery parameters can easily be changed via iConcrete Settings Panel. Every operator is able to proceed to Analog Calibration of Scales without any technician assistance.


iConcrete is already translated to many Languages and it is designed in order to be translated quickly to any Language.


Concrete Dispatch Management System

IOLABS with tremendous experience in the field of concrete production, and following the latest technological developments, created a new Online Concrete Dispatch System, iConcrete DMS.

iConcrete DMS provides a user-friendly and fully customizable online business environment for easy management of concrete delivery notes fully harmonized with the new World Concrete Technology Regulations and their requirements regarding concrete  production and transport.

Combined with the immense technological innovations of iConcrete  Automation system, iOLABS provides a complete package for every concrete production company.


iConcrete DMS supports:

  • Customers Management
  • Project management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Managing Produced Species
  • Orders Management
  • Issue & Management of Concrete Shipment.

iConcrete DMS can connect to any Accounting Package and draw or provide it with all the necessary information for the operation of the business.


iConcrete Demo

Complete a production in a few clicks! Download iConcrete full functional Demo & explore its amazing new features by completing Automatic & Manual Productions!!!

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